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  • One-stop solution

    Jingcheng company is centered on customer demand - centered, to provide customers with high precision, high complexity of key components integrated solutions. Products and services cover a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors. We design and manufacture customized products and services in strict accordance with customer requirements. Through long-term business accumulation and integration, we can provide "one-stop" manufacturing solutions, saving time and cost for customers and improving efficiency. Business covers the development of precision parts prototype, die design and manufacturing, casting, high-precision processing, testing, warehousing logistics, after-sales services.


  • Product development

    We have a research and development team with rich experience, providing customers with professional "one-stop" technical services from component design, development, and production to after-sales service. Our R&D team will be involved at the beginning of the new product development, technical personnel will consider how to develop and produce the best solution together with the customers, we will from material selection, structure optimization, improving mechanical properties control inspection, finished product testing methods for clients to provide professional advice, so as to provide the most suitable products to our customers.

    Preliminary planning
    Design and develop
    Process validation
    Rapid prototype
  • Mold design and manufacturing

    Jingcheng has an independent mold design team and production workshop. Our aim is to help customers optimize the product structure and develop the most economical design and production mode. We design and manufacture products with accurate size, reasonable structure, high production efficiency, easy automation, high life and meet the needs of production process. The design team has rich experience in mold design and manufacture, and the products have been applied to a wide range of industries, including: automobile, medical equipment, pump valve, fire fighting and commercial mechanical equipment and other fields. The self-owned mold design team can quickly complete the high-precision mold design and production, and greatly reduce the delivery time of mass production. After the prototype is verified, the professional manufacturing team will plan the details of the product production process to ensure that the product can accurately execute the batch manufacturing plan and allow the customer to focus on their core capabilities.


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